A non-comprehensive Node.js frameworks and tools

node js

Node.js runtime environment that runs on the server as a JavaScript . Node.js is a open source cross platform. Since 2009, it got hugely popular and now plays significant role in the web development Fields. That built on top of the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, and it’s mainly used to create web servers — but it’s not limited to that. It is a low-level platform. To make things easier and more interesting for developers, thousands of libraries were built under Node.js.

Here is a non-comprehensive list which is considered to be very relevant and worth learning:

  1. Express
    A simple and a powerful ways to create a web server. Its minimalist approach and un opinionated focus on the core features of a server is key to its success.
  2. Meteor
    An incredible and powerful full-stack framework that empowers you with an isomorphic approach to building apps with JavaScript and sharing code on the client and the server. Once a off shelf tool that is provided for everything, it now integrates with front-end libraries such as  React, Vue and Angular
  3. Koa
    Built by the same team behind Express, Koa aims to even simpler and smaller, building on top of years of knowledge. A new project born out of need to create an incompatible changes without disrupting the existing community.
  4. Next.js
    that’s a framework to render server-side rendered React applications.
  5. Micro
    this is a very lightweight server to create synchronous HTTP micro services.
  6. Socket.io
    It is a real-time communication engine to build network applications.


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