Top 5 Programming language will be the most used in 2019 and why?


According to Google list in 2018  most popular Language are Java, python, PHP, C++ and C, those language are most used in 2018. But in 2019,

  1. Java
  2. Python (Django)
  3. ROR
  4. C++
  5. JavaScript

Those languages which will be use most in 2019, but why I’m Selected Those language here I’ll give full explanation.

Java is the most trusted language for building an enterprise level application. It’s a commonly used programming language in the world and highly recommended language for Security purpose.  almost full of  Financial sector blindly prefer it and very secure and trustable many more there are 3 billion of devices run from Java.

Python (Django) what programming language was easiest to learn for them, and I bet the majority of responses will probably be Python. It is so easy to understand that you could teach its basic concepts to someone who doesn’t know a little of coding in one day and Django is an implementation of the web frameworks concept it’s a very needy framework for all developers.

ROR is one of the most fun to learn languages some of the websites built using rails are Twitter, Airbnb etc. it has become very popular having a huge community of developers and contributors. The best part about ROR is the gems – they make web development very fast.

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages ever created; c++ is widely used in the software industry. The language is commercially important due to its adoption as the systems programming language of choice by Microsoft, the world’s largest software corporation. We will see increased usage of C++ over the coming years. It’s really quite an exciting time to be a C++ developer.

JavaScript Majorly used in Validations, Listen User Interactions on Web Pages, Displaying Advertisements ie remote js running, etc. There is Lot of Actions only Java Script can perform. It allows you to write both back-end and front-end software, has arguably the largest ecosystem and is also still growing rapidly, encourages small isolated components making it easy to re-use and stand on shoulders of giants.

So that’s all about the blog why these programming languages will be most popular in 2019

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