Java or PHP which is better?

java or php

Java is a Technological platform for the developers for made programming to develop applications. It is invented by sun in 1991 initially is being used for VCRs and only such type of programming works.Java is basically a compelled language. The language of java is the bridge gap between the source code and the language 1s and 0s that the computer known. Primarily server side language for the web used for the development of mobile development for the android platform.
PHP is another general purpose scripting language for the web developers. PHP Language is released in 1995. One of the most advantageous things about PHP is that it is written for the web versus the language that is adapted for the web like ruby and python.If you are getting confuse to what to choose for your web development than go go the below paragraphs sincerely to get the best and desired result If you Got confuse what to choose then the first thing that you have to be focus is your requirement means if you wants to go for android app, big data analytics and for the server side technologies like Apache, JBoss, Geronimo, Glassfish etc then it is totally recommended by various experts to use java as the best for you.But if you are not search for the above following service or wants to go for software stack like Linux, Apache, MySQL, CMS’s like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla etc. then the best recommendation is PHP for you
Both the Languages are excellent and have a wide range of options provider So at last it is totally depend on that what you wants to develop. So go through the above options and choose the best

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