Here we will give you 9 reasons why should you buy HOME POD ??

home pod

APPLE has made an announcement that HOMEPOD will be launched in Germany, France and in Canada on june 18.APPLE also launched IOS11.4 today, it is significant market expansion, HOMEPOD is now available in six countries. Launching new ios update and homepod launching is a big step taken by Apple.It is company’s first smart speaker, it will get tough competition from Amazons’s ECHO, Google’s Google home and from newer SONOS ONE ….

Here we will give you 9 reasons why should you buy HOMEPOD ??

1. You don’t own a smart speaker yet.
if you already have Amazon’s Echo or any other smart speaker then you want to skip it but if you have been waiting for it then its your moment.. just order it..

2.You adore Apple items.

A few people go for Apple with regards to innovation. On the off chance that your PC is a Mac and your cell phone is an iPhone — and you wouldn’t have it some other way — then the HomePod’s cost presumably doesn’t much trouble you.

3. You utilize Apple Music.

As The Verge called attention to, the HomePod just works with Apple Music with regards to voice summons. So in the event that you lean toward other music gushing administrations, as Spotify, the HomePod won’t be the best for you. Be that as it may, in case you’re paying the month to month charge for Apple Music in any case, at that point this is your jam (box).

4. You like the way it looks.

Feel can enormously impact a man’s choice to make a buy. Since these savvy speakers are an apparatus of your house, it’s reasonable for run with an item in light of looks. The HomePod comes in white or dark, is canvassed in work, and stands just shy of 7 inches tall.

5. You’re into protection.
Advanced Trends revealed that sending and accepting individual messages on the HomePod must be fixing to one iCloud account. Furthermore, if your telephone isn’t on an indistinguishable WiFi from the HomePod, messages won’t come through. While the one iCloud record could be irritating on the off chance that you have different individuals utilizing the gadget, it’s decent that your instant messages won’t be perused out loud in case you’re not home. Computerized Trends additionally noticed that any solicitations to Siri are scrambled before they achieve Apple and not fixing to your iCloud account. This makes it novel from Google Home or the Echo.

6. You don’t need to shout.

You know how silly it looks (and sounds) when you see (and hear) somebody shouting at their savvy speaker? Indeed, Refinery29 detailed that you could discreetly ask Siri on the HomePod to change the volume or switch melodies, and the wise individual collaborator would react. No shouting at innovation required.

7. You need a great speaker.

In Digital Trends’ survey of the HomePod, the site’s greatest takeaway was its “splendid sound.” So on the off chance that you view buying the speaker as an interest in your home stereo framework, at that point it bodes well.

8. It’s less expensive than a Google Home Max.

Google’s best-sounding brilliant speaker is the Home Max, so — once more — if top sound quality is what you’re going for, at that point you’ll really spare $50 with the HomePod, since Google Home Max is $399.

9 .You’d rather converse with Siri. You don’t crave conversing with Alexa or Google Assistant? Indeed, at that point the HomePod with its shrewd individual aide Siri is the place it’s at.

As this is the primary rollout of the HomePod, there will most likely be new highlights included en route. However, in the event that these nine reasons persuaded you to run with Apple for your shrewd speaker, at that point what are you sitting tight for?

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